Catarina Fontoura is an artist, educator and writer. She has submitted her PhD thesis in History of Photography from Birkbeck, University of London, specialising in visual histories of science. Catarina was the recipient of a Collaborative Doctoral Award between Birkbeck and the Royal Society in London, where she studied expeditionary photographic archives. The results of her doctoral investigation have been presented in the third Photographies Journal International Conference in 2022.

Catarina’s artistic practice explores the relation between art, science, spirituality, story-telling and ecology. She is particularly interested in reconfiguring the land into entangled systems and stories, embedding human beings into non-human narratives and entities. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, USA, Mexico, UK and Portugal.

Catarina was a nominee for the Magnum Graduate award in 2015. Her work has been published in several independent art publications and online platforms, such as AP, Der Grief, Paper Journal, The Lost Prairie and Phases Magazine. Recent exhibitions include the collective show ‘The colour of there seen from here, the colour of where you are not’, in Vital Spaces, New Mexico US and 'In Progress' at the Centre for Contemporary Art and Gallery in Augsburg, Germany. 

Her latest research focuses on the relationship between autobiography, creative practice and ecology and her book chapter ‘Urgent Autobiographies: Lived Experiences of Ecology in Photographic Practice’ will be published in early 2023 by IGI Publishers, USA.

Originally from Portugal, she lives and works in West Cornwall, UK.

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Photograph taken at The Independent AIR 2018

S E L E C T E D  E X H I B I T I O N S   

2022 ‘The colour of there seen from here, the colour of where you are not’, Vital Spaces, Santa Fe, New Mexico February 2022.

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2008 FotoGuadalajara, UDG Gallery, Guadajara, Mexico


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